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Ganja Guru’s Moments of Gratitude — Hall of Flowers Edition

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

Photography by Taizja Marie Tate

Hall of Flowers is the time of year where Palm Springs turns into a stoner's paradise. Filled with opportunities to try the latest products hitting the market, networking with industry leaders, and of course walking away with copious amounts of cannabis.

This year's Hall of Flowers Convention 2022, the Ganja Guru’s focus and intention was to show gratitude to those that are doing the work to make this industry a better place. Creating the Ganja Guru’s Moments of Gratitude bringing together influencers, buyers, journalists, and owners who are facilitating the innovations to grow and better the industry.

The goal was to curate safe spaces dedicated to mindfulness and movement starting out with the Ganja Guru’s L.I.T. Stoner Workout Sesh: HoF Desert Vibes. Taking over @blaqstarfarms The Blaq House in Palm Springs, the morning started with a session where all guests joined in trying the finest infused Treestars engineered by @atiba_the_great. Next, the incredible @iampapapeace led the group through an empowering, grounding flow. Post yoga everyone was treated to fruit while indulging in bong rips courtesy of the @hemperco glass bong.

Later in the evening after the Hof Convention everyone reconveened for the Ganja Guru’s Moments of Gratitude Gifting Suite. He partnered with some of his favorite brands to curate a box of goodies rooted in intentional consumption. Starting off the evening’s marathon session was @substance_usa with the smallest joints on the market. Every hit feels particularly special since the company is dedicated to giving back being the core of their process. As the session continued guests enjoyed glass joints from @gravlabs, and @potentgoodsla new reusable vapes. Once the munchies set in guests were treated to a delightful cannabis charcuterie with the newest treats from @doseofsaucy and @tempocrackers.

It was wonderful to witness brands like @potentgoodsla @hemperco @substance_usa and @gravlabs contributing to spaces of gratitude and investing in the community. The Ganja Guru shares that cannabis is one of his favorite ways to enhance his wellness routine, as well as life. The Ganja Guru’s Moments of Gratitude was a success not only for the plant, but also the growing community it continues to build!

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