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Roger was one of the first to sit with us for an interview as part of our PEOPLE OF SUBSTANCE portrait series. Even before that, we had begun a cordial relationship around how a company that makes the smallest joints in the market within the smallest 12-pack in the world fits into the life of a "Ganja Guru" known as an Alabama farm kid, lover of flower, a master joint roller and on occasion an infusion expert.

Hearing that Roger was profiled while wearing a gorgeous Potent Goods outfit, then charged with a felony for having a minimal amount of our beloved healing plant on his person in Florida feels personal to us. We consider him one of us. On the right side of issues and a gentle, connected soul.

That Roger walked away from such a potentially dangerous interaction with the police is a testament to his strength. Cases like his fall through the cracks all the time, forgotten and ignored. Just because someone isn't left physically wounded (or worse) after being profiled doesn't mean they haven't been hurt, damaged, and left vulnerable.

SUBSTANCE is the premium pre-roll brand helping to end mass incarceration with an $8.46 donation for each pack sold at retail. While our core beneficiary remains IMPACT/JUSTICE we are allocating all donations for our next drop of Raspberry Parfait, a gorgeous @sunandearthcert strain from Humboldt's @midnightgardens707 to support Roger's defense and recovery fund.

Our hope is that Roger's case will be swiftly dismissed, and that he will be able to incorporate his ability to walk away into lessons for other black and brown people in advance of further incident or harm.

Huge props to Steph (@stephawnyah) and Jake (@jakegeewiz) for bringing light and organization around this to our community. Mad respect for @bikoflower@fruitandflower@potentgoodsla and everyone else stepping up. Proud to be in your company, personally and as a company. We are: @sharozzie@simon_mthirty@kuczeruk@likeleestory and @tmstaff

Tin Type portraitist: @admdav


You can support Roger through purchase of SUBSTANCE goods or directly via Venmo!

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