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Sterling’s in person and virtual appearances are known for his keenness for creative spaces to embody cannabis through self-awareness and positive contributions of the amazing plant. As an actor, model, and host, his awareness drives perception for customized videos, photography, and hosting of live events. The personality is an aspect that stands alone. As a farmer, the intensity of his collaborations cultivates the intertwining of his ideas for farming and cannabis in his spaces.



Sterling boasts a following of 5,000, at a rate of 150 new followers per month. The 30 % engagement level is enough to make you puff but not pass. Known for his in-depth and unrivaled stage for smoker's talk and how to cultivate that pastime, speak to the illuminating 15 to 30-second videos for smoking delights, paraphernalia, or generating an acceptance of smoke sessions to stimulate your hobbies. His content creation, videos, photography, and product reviews are full of seeds, connecting people to cannabis knowledge.



With The Ganja Guru no two shows are the same. I create a new Starry Night Live act for each event that’s tailored to my specific audience. Every one of my shows is a true labor of love, and I’m sure you’ll appreciate the effort I put into each one. Curious to find out more? Get in touch with me to learn about upcoming performances.

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